FHORSE WELDING supply Automatic Filter Cage Welding MachineAutomatic Filter Bag Welding Machine Line

HORSE WELDING Automatic Filter Bag sewing machine is integrated automatically sewing, hot melting, cutting, gluing or taping on one machine.

The sewing machine head and hot melting machine head are in the same production line, and only need to be operated in the control panel, making the switching of production processes more convenient and fast.


Main Functions:

1. Automatically material feeding.

2. Fixed length automatic cutting function

3. Demembrane from fabric surface. life of the parts due to oil shortage.

4. Needle cooling function

5. Knife monitoring function

6. The latest design of sewing machine control servo synchronization

7. Multifunctional adjustable edger

8. One click switching control mode function

9. Automatic fabric storage function


Video of Machine:


Main Features of Our Filter Bag Making Machine:

1. High production efficiency, with an average speed of around 10-12 meters per minute.

2. Low failure rate, this machine adopts the most advanced transmission structure at home and abroad, and updates the needle to enhance the feeding function, making the needle eye on the filter bag smaller, the needle will not deform, and the failure rate is lower.

3. With a large oil storage capacity and good sealing performance, having sufficient lubricating oil during operation will not shorten the service life of the parts due to oil shortage.

4. The main motor of the sewing machine adopts a high-power pure copper motor, so the sewing machine can work continuously and normally

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